Established in 1978, Benli Machinery Sdn Bhd is Malaysia's major supplier of woodworking machinery to the furniture industry. Through 25 years of machinery experience, BLM continuously researches and fulfills the needs of the furniture market. BLM not only provides series of branded woodworking machines from all over the world, but also at a reasonable price, as we own both reconditioned and new machines. 

Benli Machinery Sdn Bhd presents professional advice and furnishing vital solutions to your needs. Most importantly, BLM places great emphasis on technical service, covering job planning, machine installation, test running, and operation instruction. BLM's outstanding engineering background is an assurance for your satisfaction in production efficiency and investment decisions. 

萬利機械商行﹐創立于1978年﹐是一家專業馬來西亞家俬界有規模的供應商。經25年來在木工機械 技術經驗﹐萬利機械商行對家俬界所需要求非常有研究。萬利械械商行專業于提供復新及新機械。蔽號機械都是來自世界有名的品牌﹐而且價格也非常公道。

萬利機械商行也為客戶提供專業設廠及機械投資 服務。憑著本公司的技術經驗及品質服務理念﹐不論從現場流程規劃﹐機械安裝﹐試車﹐操作指導......等﹐萬利機械商行都將能達到您的生產效率及滿足您的投資決定。